Keeping you safe from unhealthy trees.

Professional tree services.

Are your trees hurting more than helping?

Unchecked trees can be dangerous and unpredictable

Is your foundation at risk of cracking from invasive roots?

Is your roof in danger from dead or overgrown limbs?

How safe are your parked vehicles?

Trees are messy

Is raking leaves a huge chore every year?

Tired of tripping over roots while mowing?

Overgrowth getting unsightly?

Storms happen all the time.

Even the best cared for trees can suffer horrible consequences at the hands of nature.

Healthy trees are safe trees

Feel confident your property is safe from the next storm.

Trees are most beautiful when properly pruned and cared for

Curb appeal impacts property value.

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"If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life." Whoever said that definitely never had a passion for tree service. Its hard work, but loving it does make it a lot easier.

- Josh Rohmann

How we can help?

Unhealthy trees will only get worse over time. Let’s talk about your trees. We can take a look and bring peace of mind by offering our recommendations.


Tell us about your trees.

Reach out and let us know about your trees. Feel free to send pictures.


Schedule your free evaluation.

We’ll come on-site to perform a tree health and safety evaluation no cost to you.


We’ll recommend a plan.

You’ll know exactly what is needed to keep your trees health and your property safe from damage.

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What we have to offer

TreeWalker Arbor Care Is fully licensed and insured. We offer professional tree services in the greater Charlotte area. We provide everything from tree trimming and stump grinding to pest mitigation and disease control. We specialize in keeping trees healthy and properties safe from damage. Let us know about your trees and schedule a free risk evaluation.









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